3D Areola Tattoos

Popular for breast cancer survivors who have undergone a mastectomy and are looking to restore the beauty of natural looking breasts, individuals who have scarring from breast implants, or anyone wanting to enhance their areolas in shape or colour. 3D Areola + Nipple Tattoos are also great for clients who have had surgeries such as breast reduction, breast augmentation, gender reassignment or gynecomastia surgery We know breast cancer can be a sensitive topic for our clients and their families. But wherever you are in your breast cancer journey, our expertly applied pigment can help you feel more like you again.

3D Areola Tattoos



Areola/Nipple Pigmentation

Areola Scar Revision on Breast Enhancement Surgery Scars


prices are quoted on case by case basis

Assuming you are happy to go ahead after an initial consultation, we’ll book you in for our special 3D areola reconstruction procedure. A nipple tattoo helps create the illusion of a nipple and areola (the surrounding circle of skin) through carefully applying pigment to the skin. Our clients feel that the results look very natural.

Client comfort is always a key concern for us – we want you to feel happy, comfortable and confident both during your treatment and when we unveil your results. Following a mastectomy, the majority of breast reconstruction patients have little feeling and therefore should not feel any pain, but many have reported feeling a vibrating sensation during the pigment implantation process.

The treatment can help add colour, definition and shape to the area, as well as creating a more symmetrical look. It’s also possible to disguise scarring in the area. The results are very realistic!

It varies, but we typically say around 3 sessions and around 2.5 hours per session to recreate the nipple and areola area. We can guide you on this more accurately during your consultation with us. Treatment for scarring may take less time than this.

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