Vancouver Cosmetic Tattoo Prices

Brow Tattoos (3hours)

Powder Brow
Combination Brow
Eyebrow Revision (Previously tattood elsewhere)
Follow up session @ 6 weeks

$550 $600 $650 $700

Lip Tattoos (3hours)

Lip Blush
Full Lips
Lip Revision
Follow up session @ 8 weeks

$650 $750 $750 $150

Eyeliner Tattoos (2.5Hours)

Lash Enhancement
Thicker Lash Line
+ Bottom
Bottom Only
Follow up session @ 6 weeks

$550 $600 $150 $250 $150

3D Areola Tattoos

Areola/Nipple Pigmentation
Areola Scar Revision on Breast Enhancement Surgery Scars

$450 $375 $300+ $400

Scar Revisions

Scar Revisions or Camouflage, Burns Skin Grafts, Cleft Palate, Self Harm Scars, Tummy Tucks & Face Lifts

$400+ (case by case)

Tattoo Removal

First Session
Additional Sessions
Color Correction

$250 $150 $250/hour

Number of removal sessions depend on tattoo (1-3 sessions are usually recommended)

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