Pigment is deposited close to the lash line to give definition to the lashes and contour of the eye.  The thickness and colour of the line is customized to each client’s desired look – from a natural, softer smudged look to a daring, dramatic and bold look.

Eyeliner Tattoos (2.5hours)

Lash Enhancement

Thicker Lash Line

+ Bottom

Bottom Only

Follow up session @ 6 weeks



Day 1 – Swollen like you’ve been crying, with a heavier eye makeup look.

Day 2 – Swollen, usually for only a few hours after waking up, with the heavier eye makeup look continuing.

Day 3 – Swelling decreases with a tight feeling. The pigments begin to lift away from the skin.

Day 4 – There is a “pinching” feeling. Some itching is normal as the skin begins to flake. DO NOT PICK AT IT.

Day 5 – Blinking movements of the eye usually removes all pigment by this day. Color is somewhat grayish and will take a few more days to clarify to full color.

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