The correct eyebrow shape can balance and add definition to your face. It can correct non-symmetrical brows, add arches, or recreate brows where little or no hair exists.

We create the most natural-looking realistic hair strokes in eyebrow permanent make-up with the use of a manual microblading pen. The end result is remarkably realistic! 


Consultation or Booking Fee  | $100 + tax (deducted from service cost if booked within 30 days)

Full-Brow | $500 + tax

Second Session (after 6-8 weeks) | $100 + tax

Touch-ups (within 1 year) | $200 + tax

Touch-ups (1-2 years) | $300 + tax


After 2-3 years, original price less $100.

Over 3 years, full price.

Color Correction $250/hour.