What should You avoid immediately after?

No exercising and/or sweating for a few days prior to getting tattooed and for one week after.

No swimming pools, jacuzzi or other bodies of water for two weeks.

Do not soak your face underwater in a bath.

AVOID THE SUN, SAUNAS, SWEATING, SCRATCHING, PICKING, NO COSMETICS ON AREA 14 DAYS (may interfere with both healing and color)


No anti-aging products or facial product containing Alpha Hydroxyls , AHA, Retin-A, Lactic or Glycolic Acids.

DO NOT apply any anti-acne products (Proactive, Salicylic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, etc.) or bleaching creams such as hydroquinone to the treated area while healing.

DO NOT tint, bleach, dye area for 30 days.

DO NOT thread, wax, or use hair removal products on the treated area while healing.

AVOID DIRECT WATER PRESSURE FROM SHOWER (don’t face the water and wear aftercare on tattooed area) It’s important to NOT get shampoo, or cleansers on the treated area for the first week. Doing so may be detrimental to the bonding process that must happen so that the pigment to stabilize in the dermis.


Keep area clean, thin film of aftercare and let it breathe J

***Pigment retention varies depending on skin type, age, aftercare, immune system, medications, certain chemicals, hormones***

What to expect?

DAY 1-2: Tattoo will appear darker, bolder and more sharply defined / minimal swelling/ sun burned feeling/ The exfoliation process over the next few days will cause the excess pigment surrounding the tattoo to flake away and a thinner appearance will result. New skin will heal over the tattoo area and result in a softer more muted appearance of tattoo. Do not be concerned that your tattoo appears darker and heavier in size than you desire. This is all part of the process.

DAY 3: Tattoo will start to itch and will appear a bit thicker in texture. Natural exfoliation begins. Do not exfoliate or pick.

DAY 4: The skin begins to flake- peeling from the outside edges first. It may appear that strokes disappear. Often the strokes come back as the tattoo heals.

DAY 5: Color finishes flaking off and appears softer and greyer for 8 weeks until color clarifies

**At follow up retouch appointment we will assess, color retention, faded strokes, shape etc.

Every client heals differently depending on their skin type, correct after care procedure, and skin regeneration**

Longterm Care?

Use good sunscreen daily on tattooed area otherwise color will fade faster

Pigments are iron oxide based which your body will slowly absorb, the color will fade over time. You may desire touch-ups every 1-3 years (6 months for oily skin)

If you are planning a chemical peel, MRI or other medical procedure, please inform the technician that you have an iron-oxide cosmetic tattoo

If you are planning to have laser resurfacing or laser hair removal after your tattoo has healed, please inform the laser tech. Continue at your own discretion. Laser procedures may darken, lighten, or discolor the tattooed area.

Once your tattoo has healed, any changes or additions that need to be made can be done at first touch-up appointment no sooner that 6 weeks later. 


Clients who have either; large pores, oily skin, use anti-aging creams, Use Retinol products, have excessive sun exposure, exercise frequently or who sweat very often will probably require a color boost retouch every 6 months to 1 year.

Brows on clients with oily skin will appear softer and no so crisp (strokes may appear blurry) and may require additional procedures. Darker skinned clients will not see as much contrast from brow to skin color as lighter skinned clients.

***Please remember cosmetic tattooing is an art not a science. There are no implied or written guarantees. It is important to follow all recommendations for aftercare and long term care of your tattoo so that you can enjoy the best possible result.***